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Fog: the essence of Scilly

Posted on: 12th June 2015

Fog: part of life on Scilly. We have another walking group in this week and Sabine explained to them why they should be out embracing Scilly in the fog:

Listen on Soundcloud

Listen on Soundcloud

“I think it’s extremely nice in the fog… it’s good for your skin. People need a rest! Because they all have… got too much sun normally, in the last few days. So that’s good for your complexion.

Then it’s very eerie, because you can’t see. It’s like fresh fallen snow. It’s quiet… no birds. All the sound is muffled.

And – when you go down to the beach, particularly when you go on Penninis, and you see the fog come in and out, you can see the Flying Dutchman come when you just look out to the sea – it’s really nice. I actually prefer it to sunshine. It’s much more mysterious and … spiritual.  ”

Not the Flying Dutchman

Not the Flying Dutchman

“…you said it was the essence of Scilly as well … ”

“It is! The fog is Scilly as well – it’s not only blue sky and sunshine. It’s just – no planes, as well. It’s very very quiet. Not so much traffic, because people stay at home when it’s foggy – I think it’s beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

And  you can go around and then you see all the little water droplets on the cobwebs – that is really beautiful”

Jenny interjects: “Yes – because you can’t see in front of you, so you’re more aware close to you”

“Yes. I think it’s beautiful”.

Thankyou Sabine! Rachael Mary adds that in the fog sounds change, and it’s fantastic going on the boats and listening to the sounds, the way things are echoed back differently, and thinking of how it was in the olden days when sailors were trying to navigate without modern equipment.  It’s a different world out there and we wouldn’t want it *every* day but it’s certainly a lovely side of Scilly to see for a day!

Top fog tip: Head towards Bar Point in the evening and look out for ghosts…