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Archive for April, 2015

These Ten Reasons to Get Married on the Isles of Scilly Will Delight and Astonish You

Posted on: 27th April 2015

Following the recent wedding of local couple Jen and Dan (@wheelhouse_ios) whose Tea by the Sea (followed by Troytown Icecream) is lovely for a staff afternoon off, and this article 33 reasons to visit Scilly before you die, we have been inspired to present you with these

Ten Reasons To Get Married in the Isles of Scilly which will Delight and Astonish You…

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New beer on the menu

Posted on: 17th April 2015

(Typing “new beer on the menu” against the little pop-up telling me to choose “a meaningful title for your blog post” feels somewhat … frivolous. But beer is very important. And meaningful.)

Every year we take on feedback from our customers … when the same thing has been requested almost every week over the summer we realise it’s time to add it to next year’s menu … mostly drinks as we love our simple formula of soups and Bavarian platters with German bread. Last year we added ciders and ginger beers to the menu, this year we will be extending the non-alcoholic range: check out this Elderflower pressé! We’re just hoping it will make everyone as happy as it’s making Hebe.

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A big hand for Oscar

Posted on: 6th April 2015

Well, a belated Happy Easter to everyone, it was a beautiful day on Scilly and between the gorse and the daffs with blue seas as background it’s just looking fantastic here at the moment. But now we’re looking forward to the next big event this week…

… the return of Oscar!

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