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Isles of Scilly Beach

Archive for November, 2014

Sailing in Greece

Posted on: 16th November 2014
Oscar briefs his minions

Oscar briefs his minions

In October Sabine left Oscar in charge of the guest house, with a bit of help from Sheila and the girls, and hopped off the rock for a sailing trip in warmer waters!

Here’s the trip report – but we’ve snuck a couple of Scilly pictures in too. Can you spot them?

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End of Season

Posted on: 6th November 2014

Another August, another breakdown in blog posts. Sorry, we never picked up that ball. But the season is over now and we have a little time to reflect on the year and begin hatching plots for next year…

It was a lovely summer on Scilly, long and warm, perfect for ripening some wonderful apples which were donated to us by local artist Steve Morris. Not just easy to peal, but also delicious. We welcomed lots of new visitors to Scilly this year and are delighted that they were enjoying themselves – as well as seeing many familiar faces of Scilly regulars and locals.

Here are some pictures from the summer, just to prove it wasn’t all work!

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