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Archive for January, 2014

Interview with Sabine

Posted on: 25th January 2014

Now that you’ve met all the girls, it’s time for a chat with the owner! Sabine has sat down for a moment to tell you all about herself. If we’ve missed something you were wanting to know, drop her a line (or come up and see us in the spring. The scent of strudel will be emanating from High Lanes in just about six weeks’ time)!

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Narcissi on the Isles of Scilly

Posted on: 21st January 2014

While the guest house is smelling of fresh paint and buzzing with plans for the new season, the fields all around us are scented with narcissi, and the islands are buzzing with this winter industry. At the beginning and end of the cafĂ© season our Kaffeehaus is decorated with the first and last flowers of the season. This week on the blog we’ve got Mair back to tell us a bit about her winter work with the narcissi, and whether she ever gets confused at the change of season and pours coffee on the flowers or counts visitors into tens. We’re venturing into new media and have even got videos of the work on this one!

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Mair in the Cafe

Posted on: 11th January 2014

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A beautiful Saturday – blue skies, blue seas, reflections in the water, sun on our faces. Hard to believe it was only last week our quay was almost blown away by storms.

For the blog this weekend we’ve got another edition of Meet the Staff: Mair (it rhymes with fire – and also with her favourite island… ) who worked in the cafe this summer. Things she learnt include: there is no hurry; slicing bread is best done with patience; people will sit outside in almost any weather.

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Winter warble

Posted on: 6th January 2014

It’s been a bit dramatic here lately with the coincidence of high tides, low pressures, and strong winds, and some great pictures have been coming up on facebook and twitter. We haven’t taken many – been safely upcountry with the cocoa and the cats – but we’ve been allowed to include some of our favourites (thanks, @StMarysHbr and Toots Taxi!) and we’ve put in links to others! While we’ve been safely behind our battened hatches, we’ve attempted to perpetrate poetry. It’s as rough as the seas, but anyway –

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