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Archive for November, 2013

Jenny in the Cafe

Posted on: 24th November 2013

Next in our winter “meet the staff” series, introducing Jenny: a character well known to many on Scilly, and a third Russian cake afficionado! After this one I promise some different favourite cakes … but the Russian cake is rather good!

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Crafty folk

Posted on: 19th November 2013

Scillonians are crafty folk. This week we were going to tell you a bit more about some of the crafts we do during the cold winter evenings, but we’re postponing that to let Mair tell you a story from the beginning of her field trip to Bavaria.

Scillonians are crafty folk. That was the thought that went through my mind when a tannoy announcement as the Scillonian tied up in Penzance informed me that my phone, which four hours before I’d carelessly abandoned in a flower shed on Scilly as I rushed out towards St Mary’s quay singing “I’m going on holiday!”, was waiting for me with a customer service operative on Penzance quay. I had thought it lost to me – for two weeks – when the boat slid away from Scilly while I was still frantically scrabbling in my bag hoping there might be hidden pocket into which the phone slipped. When it became clear that my phone really, really wasn’t with me, I’d told myself it wasn’t that bad really. We used to manage without phones in the old days. No, I probably don’t need to buy a spare one in Penzance – and I went to sleep until the ship rounded Land’s End, and as I queued up by the exit with the other passengers, this announcement came over the tannoy invoking my name.”How did that get there before me?”, I asked the man who handed over my package as I came down the ramp. It flew Skybus. Continue reading »

Pippa in the guest house

Posted on: 10th November 2013

This week, a perspective from the guest house: introducing Pippa!

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Half-term week

Posted on: 5th November 2013

Sabine’s still in Bavaria, sourcing new ideas for next season, having left the blog in the sticky fingers of those of us still here, but I know she’s reading it and perhaps, Sabine, you’d like to know what you’re missing, half-term week on a wind-blown Scilly?

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