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Posted on: 30th September 2013

We’ve only got one guest in the guest house tonight – things are definitely quietening down. However, the café has been pretty busy this week. We’ve sold a lot of soup. And strudel. And yodel plates. And cherry cake. And … but, really, a lot of soup.

Soup, 26-30 September ’13

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Why come to Scilly?

Posted on: 24th September 2013

Most of the visitors in the café today were repeat visitors to Scilly. Most of them were repeat visitors to the café, in fact. So I started asking them why they come back to Scilly. “It’s one of those places that gets to you … that draws you back…”

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A big thankyou to all our guests

Posted on: 17th September 2013

Still ten days or so to take advantage of the Super September Offer: 25% off accommodation and reduced flights for stays in September. We can’t promise Indian Summer – although the forecast is good – but we can promise that Scilly’s sea is always worth seeing!

Bob the dalmation with his family: he had a ball on the islands! (So to speak)

Bob the dalmation with his family:
he had a ball on the islands! (So to speak)

The season isn’t over yet – with the winds we’ve been having lately will come the birds, and on the wings of the birds will come the birdwatchers, sharing their excitement over things we don’t know to look at (tip: find someone with a big camera and get them to explain). However, things are quietening down now and it is nice to have more time to chat to our guests over breakfast and the cafe customers during the day. Some are Scilly regulars and know more about the islands than we do, others are here for their first time and I’m delighted that they all seem to love the place.

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Let’s talk about the weather

Posted on: 9th September 2013

Don’t forget, still a couple of weeks of September if you want to take advantage of the Super September offer and get reduced price accommodation, travel, and entrance to Tresco Abbey Gardens (which are fantastic at this time of year!)

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September Offer: Super September

Posted on: 2nd September 2013

Well, we’ve had a grand few weeks of sunshine and, it looks like summer is here to stay a while! We’ve been pretty busy through August – sorry about the lack of updates, we’ve been occupied making iced coffees and hunting down beach towels!

And September is heralding in another Indian summer! In order to make the most of it, we’ve joined several accommodation providers in teaming up with Isles of Scilly Travel and Tresco estates to provide you with our Super September offer:

20% off accommodation when booking a stay of 3 nights or more,

25% off outward flights from Land’s End, or

50% off return sailings from Penzance, and

20% discount on entry to the historical Abbey Gardens on Tresco

To take advantage of this offer, email us at or phone us on 01720 442440.

So if you fancy a tranquil week of sunshine, sunsets and seafood, why not give us a call? The offer is valid for all new bookings made for stays during September 2013. Don’t forget the suncream!